In a scene similar to something from Grand Theft Auto this Volvo driver rammed the cyclist and then kept driving and left the scene of the incident. Despite having both front and rear mounted cameras the driver was not prosecuted and is presumably still driving on the roads in the UK today. Below is the cyclist account of his injuries and what happened afterwards with the Police.

“I was hit right in the small of my back, I received a severe back injury and internal haemorrhaging from the impact. It took 4 months for me to recover from my injuries with a further month of physiotherapy to reach normality.”

“To this day I have no idea why the driver did this to me, there was no confrontation with any driver prior to the attack, I do not know the driver or the car. I was not riding my normal route at my normal time so I do not think this attack was planned. Just a senseless and brutal attack on a fellow human being…”

“Despite the evidence, the police and CPS failed to bring the driver in this savage attack to justice…
The driver is still out on UK roads.”

“The police say they do not have the funds to continue the investigation any further, they also said that more would have been done if I had been killed… so next time I will try to die from my injury’s and perhaps then a dangerous driver will be taken off the roads?”

In an update he went on to say “A lot of people have been asking me for more information regarding the hit and run. The problem is I have a moral dilemma in that if I tell the world how the driver got away with this crime, apart from making our police and justice system look totally stupid, it might also encourage dangerous drivers to copy the incident and hurt more cyclists. A combination of factors came together to create a legal loophole and I don’t want someone to use that information to do evil. ”

” I found out a lot about the way the justice system works in the UK last year… I saw a prosecutor who could not get Hitler convicted and a defence lawyer get all evidence dismissed in court by the magistrates in about 3mins… the police plan was to hope the accused would just admit it… funny thing is the plan did not work.”


  1. How can the police claim they couldn’t trace the driver. The injuries the man suffered are reprehensible.
    How can the CPS turn a blind eye to this kind of incident.
    I’ve always begrudged paying my council tax for the police because some forces just can’t be arsed to help the people they are supposed to be protecting

  2. The drivers behaviour was criminal but how this incident was dealt with subsequently is truly worrying. It appears to me that someone (the driver) has friends in high places and above. Wouldn’t be surprised if the driver was a cop, a barrister or a judge or someone higher up. Rotten rotten rotten ……

  3. This MUST be prosecuted. If the police are really saying they can’t afford to take further action then we, the cycling community must club together to make sure a action is taken. WE must not let this lie without action. If anyone can tell me in which Police area this occurred I will write to the Chief Constable.

  4. It makes the mind boggle to see how this guy could not be prosecuted. Even if the owner claims he was not driving the car surely there is a way to make him responsible. To me it is attempted murder, not a just a cycling accident.

  5. Those flashing lights like that look either like a police or private security vehicle. I’m sorry for what happened to you, it is shameful. X

  6. Where was this, maybe other cyclists could ‘look’ out for the car, you have the car reg. Not condoning or encouraging any inappropriate behaviour of course. You can guarantee that’ll be prosecuted, and rightly so.


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