At this year’s Tour de France, Dimension Data will partner with A.S.O. to revolutionise the viewing experience of billions of cycling fans across the globe. Both organisations said their common goal in the coming years is to deliver and share the best race information speedily and in real-time with race commentators and the global viewing public.

Dimension Data will be providing real-time data analytics on the individual riders to give cycling fans access to a new dimension of information.​ The advanced digital analytics platform, powered by their cloud, will not only improve the accuracy and frequency of existing data but also give race commentators and cycling fans access to a new dimension of individual rider information.

Users will be able to see live speed and other never before seen statistics. Dimension Data say they “will deliver a richer viewing experience and take cycling enthusiasts on a journey into the heart of the race — whether seen on the television broadcast or on digital platforms.”



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