A cyclist in the UK had his fall into a canal during a cycle captured on his GPS, which was subsequently shown on his Strava account. Chris Kent went for a cycle in Stoke-on-Trent last Wednesday, and his route took him along a stretch of the Trent and Mersey Canal.

However, he somehow ended up falling into the canal, as can be seen in the map showing his cycle. Kent named his cycle afterwards “Lunch Ride – With an unintentional swim in the canal”

A comment on his Strava account confirmed that 3 witnesses stopped to help the cyclist, and Kent was appreciative of the help as he said “they offered gloves and would like to thank them personally but they haven’t come forward.”

The incident came to light when it was posted on Twitter by a user named Fred Delicious. Kent responded to the tweet to confirm that he was the unfortunate person, as he said: “As I am the Idiot who fell into the canal on Wednesday, I can say it was bloody cold and it was 10pm after finishing work lol”



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