Yet another incident has taken place today where a cyclist has been involved in a collision with a race motorbike. This latest incident took place at the Tour of Qinghai Lake (UCI 2.HC)

The video of the incident was posted on YouTube by On The River Mgt. As can be seen, a number of support motorbikes can be seen near the front of the bunch as the riders round a corner. One of the motorbikes then seems to slow down before veering into the path of the cyclists.

The motorcyclist, his pillion passenger and the cyclist then come crashing to the ground. The incident took place on the second corner of the very first circuit of the stage at Xining. The rider who crashed was Morgan Smith (Kenyan Riders Downunder) and he was listed as DNF.

However, it seems that Smith has escaped without serious injuries but will be off the bike for a time. The 28 year-old Kiwi later provided an update where he said he hopes to back on the bike soon.

He said: “Well today was pretty shit. On the first lap of stage one I attacked after my teammate was chased down. I took the racing line through a corner and on the exit I had a one out with a Moto. I’m all good just bit uglier but I was pretty good looking to start with.”

“In hospital overnight then hopefully catch up with the @kenyans_downunder boys. Gutted is an understatement especially hearing that the guy who was with me was in the break until 2km to go. Thanks for all the support and sorry to let you guys n girls down. It only took me a week last time so hopefully I’ll be back in no time.”

It was the first of two serious crashes during the opening stage as towards the end of the race, a spectator walked out in front of the bunch which resulted in numerous riders crashing.



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