A cyclist in Australia has posted footage of an incident which took place in Melbourne recently where a man jumps off a footpath and tries to kick him.

In the video, the cyclist can be seen making his way through heavy traffic in the Victorian city before moving into the left lane. A man who was standing at the side of the road can then be seen jumping into the lane and launching a kick at the cyclist.

The cyclist stops shortly after and returns to the would-be attacker who tells him to “f*** off and slow down.”

The video was posted by YouTube user Sean H. who says: “Just riding along Kings Way in Melbourne when a guy jumps off the footpath and tries to kick me off my bike in the middle of traffic on 15 February 2017.”

“I’ve included the previous 1.5km of the ride for the benefit of those who think cyclists are always at fault in every road rage incident.”


  1. Sad to think that the world is full of oxygen theif’s like that.
    Would of liked to see him hit part of the bike without knocking the rider over and cop a broken leg.

  2. He is just sad his mummacousin stopped breast feeding him yesterday and pushed him out into the world, but he got the last laugh on her and stole her shoes which he was trying to show the cyclist, the cyclist should have grabbed that shoe and put bubba on his redneck ass.

  3. This is what happened to me with this exact thing broken C2 C3 C6 both shoulders both scapulars 4x ribs a rupturing my Coroited Artery i was the cyclist. This is no joke lucky to be alive ! All because of a drunk pedestrian.


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