There is nothing worse than that sound of a cyclist hitting a car. The noise of the metal panels bending under the weight of the impact is just something you never forget. This unlucky cyclist was almost home and was just about to exit the roundabout when he got t-boned by a car entering the roundabout. The driver did seem very concerned for the cyclist and was very quick to react telling the downed biker not to move. He did later say however that he didn’t even see the cyclist.

This prompts the next question: Why didn’t he see the cyclist? The conditions were good, it was nice and dry, it was overcast so sun in the eyes could not have been a factor. If you pause the video at 17 seconds the cyclist can see the car but the cyclist could be partially obscured due to the car exiting the roundabout. After that though there is no reason why the driver couldn’t see the biker. Just before the impact the sound of screeching tyres can be heard so the driver did eventually see him. Thankfully the cyclist wasn’t badly hurt. When cycling, one top tip is to always try and make eye contact with other road users so you have an indication that they have seen you and that they are paying attention to their surroundings.



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