Back in April we posted the video Van driver attacks innocent cyclist (PARODY) (video is at the bottom of this post) which went to extremes to show how some cyclists with cameras overreact and go looking for problems when out on their bikes.

In the video below which was posted to youtube by a user called nomadsec, it starts off in the same vain as the parody video but to much surprise the guy with the camera is actually being serious. A small black car overtook him as he approached a Lidl carpark and turned across in front of him to enter the carpark. From the video it is really clear that the driver hasn’t cut the cyclist up and there was no need for him to even slow down.

What happened next though is the shocking part. The cyclist decides to head into the carpark to confront the driver stalking her to see where she parks and then waits out of sight until she has parked and is getting shopping bags from the boot of her car before confronting her. He proceeds to ‘educate’ her on what she has done wrong and and threaten her with going to the police and posting the video on YouTube if she doesn’t apologise.

The comments on YouTube have been unanimous in support of the driver.


Broken Toaster TV Parody below


  1. He never signalled he was turning left plus he entered the Lidl car park on the wrong side of the entrance/exit. Did he look to see if another cyclist doing over 30mph was coming up on his inside before he turned in ?


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