A cyclist in London has posted a video of the moment when he catches a motorist playing Pokémon GO at the wheel of his car.

The cyclist approaches the man in the black BMW convertible at traffic lights on Warwick Road in Westminster who appears to be playing the game.

The driver of the car can be seen with his mobile phone clearly in his hand and as the cyclist points the camera in his direction, what appears to be the Pokémon logo can be seen on the motorist’s phone.

Pokemon Screen

The incident occurred on Friday night, and when asked by the cyclist as to whether he’s playing the game, the motorist promptly drops the phones into his lap.

According to a report in The Evening Standard, the cyclist said he had passed the footage to the Met Police’s Traffic Offence Reporting Team.


  1. Had this in Richmond park the other day, just rip the phone out of their hands and throw it into the bushes… Adds some challenge to the game cos then they have to hunt their phone down too


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