Naples Velo Bicycle Club based in Florida have produced a video promoting cycling safety in Collier County in the south of the state.

The state of Florida requires motorists to leave a 3-foot gap as they overtake cyclists and the video has been produced to create awareness of the rule.

Over 63,000 residents and visitors ride bicycles in Collier County each year and the state of Florida has the highest number of cyclist fatalities in the country.

Naples Velo Bicycle Club is a not-for-profit organization promoting cycling at all skill levels and dedicated to improving cycling safety and awareness in southwest Florida. Towards these objectives, NV promotes cycling activities, develops and conducts educational programs on cycling safety and skills, enhances cycling awareness through advertising and community events and supports the enactment of cycling safety laws, amateur cycling racing, and other charitable organizations with a common mission.

Naples Velo Share the Road – Save Lives from Greg Pelican on Vimeo.


    • @Mark We do if it’s safe, most debris on the road end up at the side of the road we cyclist are supposed to ride on.

  1. In UK it is against the line to cross onto or over a double white line in the center of the road. Do you expect motorists to wait behind for as many miles as it takes for the road to widen. Think about country roads that go on for miles. A road such as that pictured should have a designated cycle track, there’s plenty of space for one.
    I’m a lifelong cyclist now unable since an accident 8 years ago. Even then I felt cyclists were becoming bullies and now it seems cyclists just want everything. Most of the new breed of cyclists are ex motorists – probably the self same bad drivers who used to bully cyclists.

  2. I would like to put a video up of the cyclists in Australia who ride 2-3 abreadth which makes it hard for cars to give them 3 foot without driving into oncoming traffic!


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