There is no doubt that cycling on clipless pedals isn’t great when you’re wearing your everyday shoes, or even worse if you’re in a pair of flip-flops! These handy little gadgets convert your pedals into platforms and only take a second to add and remove.


We’ve tried variations of these in the past but it was a bit of a nightmare to try and release the platforms as you had to twist it with your hand which just doesn’t have the same leverage as your foot and ankle. These cleverly designed adapters by a company called bikedabs convert your pedals into flats in a jiffy and with very little effort.

The platforms are available for Shimano Road and MTB pedals as well as Look systems and start at $17.88 so won’t break the bank. Here is a link to the various models on

Here’s a video showing how simple they are to use with Shimano MTB clipless pedals.

Here’s a video showing how to use with Shimano Road clipless pedals.


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