A bike path opened for a trial run recently in China which has been described as the country’s “first bicycle path in the air”.

The path in Xiamen in the eastern Fujian Province, is 7.6-kilometres long and according to Xiamen City Public Bicycle Management, the company that operates the path, it was designed to accommodate up to 2,023 bicycles per hour, with a maximum speed of 25 kilometres per hour.

The company also said that the path is open to all kinds of bikes, including public and private bikes, from 06:30 to 22:30 during the month-long trial, in a bid to promote green transport.

The path will link the city’s five major residential and three business centres and there will be eleven entry points onto the path.


  1. Forward thinking which is either sadly lacking here in the UK, the government sobs about the medical cost of pollution yet will not invest adequately in cycling so ridding the road of vehicles for non essential journeys


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