Dangerous close pass on cyclist followed by driving on the footpath and verbal abuse

Thames Valley Police are looking for the driver of a Silver Yamaha R6, registration W351JBU in relation to an incident with a cyclist at 15.25 hrs Fri 12.8.16 at Northumberland Ave/Hartland Rd in Reading. The registered owner had recently sold the vehicle and the police would like to speak to this rider on suspicion of careless driving and public order...

Is this new live streaming bike computer, GPS and camera combo the ultimate bike accessory?

Xplova is a subsidiary of Acer computers and is launching it's new X5 cycling computer this month. As well as all the normal functions you expect from a bike computer it comes with host of really neat features all combined into one unit. Up front is a 120-degree wide-angle camera, supporting HD-quality filming will automatically activate and record those big...

Crushing carbon fiber with hydraulic press

The other day we posted this pointless video about a lathe versus a disc brake. The video below is the latest from the guys other channel where he pits everyday objects against his hydraulic press. In this episode we see various shapes of carbon fiber go under the press with some rather interesting results.

‘Retro All Terrain Biking’ – a modern remake of classic 90s MTB riding

Chris Akrigg nails 90's mountain biking videos in this classic remake which features skids, crashes, endos, bunny hopping, bun bags, dodgy music and more. Chris Akrigg describes himself as "a tea drinking "Professional " bike rider from Yorkshire sponsored by Mongoose Bikes"

Riding a unicycle around the edge of a 256m (840ft) crumbling Chimney

The tower is in Târgu Jiu, Romania and the two guys are Flaviu Cernescu & Nikolai Ismail. And now for the video! Don't try this at home! or anywhere!

You won’t believe how much quicker you go in the Superman position on a bike!

Fixie rider Michael Guerra gives a great demonstration of just how much less drag there is in the superman position on the bike.

This is why you don’t pedal through tight corners

Great slow mo replay showing the consequences of trying to pedal through a corner and the bottom of your crank hits the tarmac. This video was taken during the Iron Hill Qualifier Crit in the Cat 2/3 race inWest Cheste, Pennsylvania.

IT CAN WAIT – Powerful video about the dangers of using a phone while driving

The 'it can wait' campaign is a simple idea that tries to raise awareness of the dangers of driving through education and by asking people to pledge not to use their phones while driving. The campaign is backed by AT&T who have also created apps that silence all incoming messages once you go over a certain speed. "When you see the...

Bicycle disc brake versus a rather big lathe

What happens when you mount a disc brake to a lathe doing 500 rpm which is the equivalent to travelling at 60 km/h? YouTube channel 'Beyond the press' (you might know their other channel Hydraulic Press Channel) mounted a hydraulic disc brake to the shaft on a massive lathe to see how the disc would hold up under extreme conditions....

Man cycles length of Britain in his living room with VR headset, Google Street View and exercise bike!

There are plenty of VR apps for cycling with artificial worlds but none using real world environments. Australian Aaron Puzey who currently lives in Scotland wrote his own app which stitches Google Street view images together which then get transmitted to his VR headset. Puzey says "Using a Gear VR, a cadence monitor and my exercise bike I’m...

Watch what happens when security guard confiscates bmx during a skate competition

Bikes were not meant to be on the ramps during this skate competition in Estonia. The fast acting security guard was quick to catch the bike rider and take his bike off him. Once he got his hands on the bike he decided to take it for a quick spin before dumping it outside the skatepark.

No frills, no fancy production, no fancy location. Just amazing bike skill.

In his latest video, UK rider Mark Webb who rides for Total BMX takes a step back from big production videos to get back to grassroots riding. "After all of my crashes and injuries in the past, the long awaited TWS3 is finally here. This video I wanted it to be purely about the riding." "No expensive budgets, no...

Drafting a car on the open road at 145 km/h (VIDEO)

The riders name is Portela and you may have seen him in this video from a few years ago where he was drafting a truck at 124 km/h with no helmet. Disclaimer:Drafting a car like this is not recommended

First Look – Unpacking and building the new IKEA bike (VIDEO)

Building thew new flat pack bike from Ikea takes around 20 minutes. Check out this short video from Velomotion Magazine showing you how it is done. English subtitles are available in the settings for this video for those that don't speak German.

Cyclists life saved by a car crash (VIDEO)

The accident took place on the 22nd of July in Poland.