The Hobbit Heli, Mountain Biking in New Zealand

New Zealand looks like an amazing place to bike and this video just confirms that.

“Get off your f**king phone you stupid c***”

This guy wasn't having the best of days as he cycled along on his mountain bike. The first problem he finds is a woman cycling on the wrong side of the road. This only mildly annoys him compared to the second incident when a woman was overtaking him and came a bit too close for comfort and...

UCD Cycling take on the Des Hanlon Memorial Classic

Jump on board and see how the UCD Cycling team get on in the 154km Des Hanlon Memorial Classic held in Carlow last weekend.

Cyclist beats his own world record cycling up Taipei 101 tower

Krystian Herba, a 33-year-old PE teacher from Poland, cycles up 3,139 steps in the Taipei 101 tower on his trials bike to beat his old world record in a time of two hours and thirty minutes. The Taipei tower was formally the tallest building in the world but is now the second tallest.

Friday Feature Film : Breaking Away (1979)

Dave (Dennis Christopher) and his working-class friends Cyril (Daniel Stern), Moocher (Jackie Earle Haley) and Mike (Dennis Quaid) spend their post-high school days in Bloomington, Indiana, sparring with snooty students from the local university, chasing girls and--in Dave's case--dreaming of competitive bicycle racing. The four friends face opposition from all corners as they decide to make Dave's dreams come...

Guy Martin attempts to break the British land speed record for a bicycle

Well known motorbike racer Guy Martin sets out to become the fastest cyclist in Britain as part of his new TV series called "Speed". The record he is out to belongs to Dave Le Grys who set the British and Commonwealth record of 110mph on the M42 motorway in 1986. You can watch the full episode here

One from the archives – 1922 Milano San Remo

Ahead of this weekends race we look way back to 1922 and watch some real men racing. From the footage it looks like the riders with cyclocross experience could do well.

Another impatient driver

On a narrow road she indicates that she is taking the left hand turn which is approaching and bizarrely overtakes the cyclist just at the turn. She then wags her finger as if to give out to the biker who clearly isn't in the wrong here.

A crit on a Nascar track

Some nice aerial footage of the Richmond International Raceway Criterium held on a Nascar track. Looks like a good spot for a crit. Just need to get about 100,000 screaming fans in the stands for it to really be good. Richmond International Raceway Criterium from Upward Studio on Vimeo.

Truck drivers POV

Truck driver Nick Surty takes us on a drive around Kensington in London in his 32 Tonne Scania truck. Quite a tight fit most of the time and would make you think twice about going up the inside on your bike in slower moving traffic.

Driver over the double solid lines takes out cyclist

The driver of this car was clearly over the double solid yellow lines in the middle of the road going around a left hand corner when a cyclist coming in the opposite direction gets taken out by the side of his car. The cyclist seemed a bit dazed after the incident but didn't look like anything major got...

The Friday Feature Film – Great Moments In Cycling

Introduced by Phil Liggett Inc tour de France. Greg Lemond's Historic come back in 1989. Eddy Merckx in action .Classic Hell of the north footage, and much much more.

The White Line

Here is the video of the gif we posted on Facebook earlier today of rider Michal Kollbek riding the White Line in Sedona Arizona. On camera was Marshall Mullen filming with a drone. Pretty awesome footage. And an older POV shot just for fun...

Insane Urban Downhilling

Over the past few months we've shared a few urban downhill races. We think this is the winner. On the plus side it looks like they have some barriers to stop the dogs and the man on the street from walking in front of them. On the downside it scared the bejabus out of us.... ...

This really raises the bar for rollers videos

Thanks to Chris Haskell for sending this to us. Chris and the rest of Team Rhino Rush in Idaho have produced this video with a compilation of tricks on the rollers. They've really raised the bar for tricks. Juggling, bunny hopping onto the rollers, riding blindfolded and riding onto a treadmill are just some of their stunts. Anyway, this is Volume...

Bike 1 – Car 0 (With video this time)

A man on a bicycle in Brazil cycled into the back of a parked car on one of the busy streets. The biker didn't seem to be really hurt and neither did his bike seem that damaged but the car was left in bits after the entire back crumpled after he hit it.