Ouch!! Don’t expect any help from the cameraman

Guy tries to do a dirt jump on a $100 mountain bike. It doesn't end well.

Bike cops ram protesters – This is not good

In this video it is quite clear that police on bikes decide to ram protesters in Seattle with their bikes. The reason behind it is not clear yet. Officers are seen using their bikes as a defense and then using pepper spray on the croud.

Northshore riding on a cyclocross bike

Giant Factory Off-Road Team enduro rider Yoann Barelli takes cross-training to a new level. What about that go-pro angle? Great way of seeing how much skill and effort it takes to ride your bike.

Never ever cycle when you’re drunk

But if you do remember to get your mates to video it and post it up on youtube. Warning::: contains loud laughter.

Early 90’s Cannondale Bicycles Assembly Line

Really interesting look at how Cannondale built their bikes pretty much in house, building frames, CNCing parts, building wheels and assembling the bikes with the help of some machines but with still a lot of help from humans.

Mindful American: Episode 1- Los Angeles

This is well worth a watch over your lunch hour. In the pilot episode of Mindful American, Erica explores intentional and sustainable living in Los Angeles. Meet some Angelenos who are working to build community and reduce car dependence in this giant metropolis! Join Erica as she visits an intentional community in Koreatown, a group of YouthBuild students...

How inner tubes are made

Ever thought inner tubes were expensive? Take a look at this video of how they are made and you won't believe the amount of manual labour that still goes into the process.

Drifting trikes down the worlds steepest street

Baldwin Street, in Dunedin, New Zealand, is the world's steepest residential street. It is located in the residential suburb of North East Valley. Check out the speed of these guys going down it on their drifting trikes...

NEW SRAM 1x Road Groupset

We've seen 1x systems on mountain bikes for some time now and more recently in cyclocross. SRAM have just released a 1x system for road bikes. Chain ring sizes are available in 38-54 and the system on average will save you 170 grams but more importantly will greatly reduce the risk of dropping the chain off the...

From Genocide To A Cycling Team In Rwanda

Samuel Mugisha always dreamed of professional cycling as a way to support his family. But after he won a coveted spot on Team Rwanda, his dream grew. In a country still showing the scars of genocide, Samuel discovered that cycling for his country comes with important responsibilities. Check out this short movie titled, King Of The Mountain: From...

Bikeradars top 5 cycling Instagram feeds you have to follow

Who would you recommend? Who posts the best images or gives the greatest insight into the world for cycling?

Mind that barrier

Yellow tinted glasses were the apparent cause of this rider not seeing the barrier until it was too late. Both rider and bike escaped unscathed but the barrier will need some superglue to put it back together.

This cyclist is lucky to be alive

The cyclist who got hit by the truck was lucky to end up with just a double lower leg fracture if you consider how close he came to ending up under the truck. All three riders were lucky that there was no other vehicle coming up behind them as they were all taken down in this horrific crash.

Stig Broeckx climbs the Koppenberg in the Tour of Flanders

Ever wondered what it is like to attempt one of the most brutal climbs in cycling? Get an incredible inside view of an ascent of the Koppenberg with Stig Broeckx of Team Lotto-Belisol. The 600m long climb has an average gradient of 11.6% with a maximum gradient of 22%. Broeckx finished the race in 109th position.

PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (Cycling Edition)

Spring is in the air and it's Friday and if this amazing video showing people doing amazing things on bikes doesn't inspire you to get out and ride your bike it's time to sell the bike! Have a great weekend.

How close was that? Too close.

While descending at speed on their tandem a guy in a pickup decides to overtake on a double solid line. Looking at the still I think the only thing that saved this from being one big crash was the guy coming the opposite ways fast reaction.