Holy cow that was close

Check out this gif of a mountain biker narrowly missing a cow who was out having a drink in the middle of the trail.

Mountain biker sues race organiser after crashing into a fallen tree

The Oregonian has reported that a woman has filed a $273,000 lawsuit against race organisers after crashing into a fallen tree and breaking her spine in four places. Lisa Belair was taking part in the Dog River Super D race in May in Oregon, which had been organised by Fat Tire Farm. In the days preceding the race, a storm...

Collectif Parlee / A Telling Story

Here is a nice video which I think every bike rider no matter what discipline they do can relate to. Mario Beauregard from Collectif Parlee wrote a short introduction about what the project (Collectif Parlee) is all about and what it means to him. "We ride for the sheer beauty of cycling, with the desire to persevere through the...

Medellin Downhill Race

This helmet cam footage from Filip Polc at the Red Bull urban downhill race in Medellin, Colombia is well worth a watch. Polc from Slovakia, won the race to add to his various national downhill championships, in addition to a list of urban downhill races he has won previously. It was filmed with a Drift HD Ghost action cam.

Inside Santa Cruz Bicycles workshop

Google recently added a 360 degree view from inside the Santa Cruz factory. Check out the green bike which looks to have two sets of forks on it and an extra long wheelbase. Any ideas what they were designing this bike for? They also have some cool arcade video game machines including Golden Axe! Check it...

The Wall – Gemmi Pass by mountain bike

Gemmi Pass is a high mountain pass across the Bernese Alps in Switzerland connecting Leukerbad (on the south) with Kandersteg (on the north). The pass reaches a height of 2,270 metres above sea level and features in the Sherlock Holmes story "The Final Problem." This video features Manuel Scheidegger crossing the Wall, which was the path blasted through the rock...

NS Bikes – La Grande Corsa promo vid

NS Bikes have released a rather slick vid to promote their new enduro bike The Snabb. "When we launch a new product, especially one that is so important – we always try to get some cool action shots and videos. We really wanted to feature our superstar rider, but there was one problem. Sam Pilgrim hates riding uphill! And what...

Check out these two 2 year olds shredding the gnarr at the local bike park

COMMENCAL Ramones 12 2015 from COMMENCAL on Vimeo.

How To Make Your Own Cycle Rollers For Under $32 Or £20!

Cycle rollers can be expensive, so here's how to make your very own, slightly flammable, set for less than $32/£20.

Moab ban ebikes on mountain bike trails

In a move which is the first of its kind Moab has banned any non human powered bikes from it's mountain bike specific trails.  The new rules say that the Moab BLM “has determined that motor assisted bicycles (electric, gas or diesel) are motorized vehicles. Use of motor assisted bicycles is only allowed on motorized trails.”  This is more...

Lunchtime laughs – 2014 biggest bike fails

We're not sure which is more dangerous. The guys on the mountain bikes on the homemade jumps or the bmxer's trying to grind the rails. Both seem to have equal amounts of injuries. Also check out the very final clip in this video. It looks like the guy forgot to pack his wingsuit for this...

Mega Cavern underground bike park

This is just awesome... set to open in January 2015.  Take a ride with the co-owner Jim Lowry and hear about the plans for this bucket list adventure playground.

Cycling Ireland Membership Awards

Tomorrow is your last chance to vote in the Cycling Ireland Membership Awards. Members of Cycling Ireland can vote here:  // Below is information on the various categories and nominees.   VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR Declan Slevin – Rosemount CC                 Worked to streamline para cycling at national level from come and try events with other organisations to his role as secretary as Para...

The best moments from the 2014 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships

Relive the best moments from the MTB World Championships which took place in Hafjell in Norway this year.

Don’t Try This At Home (or anywhere really)

Check out this nutter riding his bike backwards down a mountain. Claimed speeds of 80km/h I think are a little exaggerated but none the less rather him than me.

Suicide Bike Run In Chile

Hold on to your hats and climb on board with an urban downhill run from Chile.