Highlights of Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo 2016 (VIDEO)

The German rider Johannes Fischbach won Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo 2016 in Chile last weekend after a record-breaking time in the spectacular mountain bike downhill street race. It was the sixth edition of the race that sees pro riders take on a difficult urban-based course shaped out of the historical streets, stairwells and narrow passageways of the World Heritage...

Cycling Ireland announce establishment of High Performance Sub-Committee

Cycling Ireland has announced the establishment of a new High Performance Sub-Committee. This committee will act in an advisory capacity to the Cycling Ireland High Performance Programme, ensuring that it remains aligned to the Cycling Ireland Strategy which was launched at the end of 2014. Representatives from each of the disciplines will make up the committee, which also includes...

Killian Callaghan joins Vitus Bikes Factory Racing Team for 2016

Having finished in 6th place in the overall Enduro World Series and picked up the Irish National Enduro Championship win in 2015, 18 year-old Killian Callaghan is set to spearhead the Vitus Factory Racing team in 2016. Callaghan is no stranger to competition having won no less than 10 motorbike trials titles – a sport in which he has represented...

The outtakes you don’t see in the edit of the final video

If you're not crashing you're not trying hard enough. Well Fabio Wibmer is a 20 year old Street Trials and MTB Pro Rider from Austria who is definitely trying hard enough.

(VIDEO) Vital MTB’s test 17 bikes with varying suspension designs

A short video with 17 varying designs cycled back to back to give you a really good comparison of how well each system works. Test Sessions: 17 Suspension Systems Cycled for Science - More Mountain Bike Videos

Possible leaked photos of New SRAM 12 speed Eagle drivetrain

The images first appeared on a Spanish language MTB forum this morning but were removed within an hour of being posted.   The new 12 speed 10-50T version of X01 is expected to be called "Eagle". Due to an embargo until 24 March, images and reviews were not meant to be posted in the public domain.

Mountain biker takes $140 Walmart bike for a test ride

A mountain biker named Seth decided to test ride a $140 bike from Walmart. He also compares a novice off-roader riding it compared to himself to see if it's suitable for both. It's the third video in a series whereby he previously had to tune up the bike after purchase. Seth describes his test below: In the last video, we...

Check out this 10 year-old getting some big air

Bodhi Kuhn is just ten years old and is hitting the Joy Division jump line on Woopidydoo in Rossland, BC. The run includes a 30-foot step-down road gap which he nailed after a few attempts. We've seen lots of jump videos (way too many) with people hitting jumps and you can see that they are just passengers on the bike....

Grundig MTB Strathpeffer 1992 (Video)

Retro race coverage from the first ever British round of the Grundig World Cup held in Strathpeffer in Scotland.

Emerald Enduro winner Greg Callaghan honoured at Excellence in Sport Awards

Greg Callaghan was amongst the winners at the 27th Excellence in Sports Awards which recognised outstanding contributors to Irish sport in 2015. In May of this year, the 23 year-old who races for the Cube Action Team took the victory in Emerald Enduro at Carrick mountain in Wicklow which was the second round of the Enduro World Series. For this,...

Biker goes full ostrich and buries his head in the sand

Riding on sand can be tricky as this rider found out when getting a little air. Thanks to the soft sand his wheel dug in causing him to go straight over the bars while still attached to the bike. Luckily the same soft sand that caused the crash also took most of the impact out of the...

Steve Peat to retire at the end of the 2016 season

Steve Peat rips up the trails on Norway's Lofoten Islands to share the news that after 25 years racing he will retire next year.

Diamant fatbike race Thredbo Top to Bottom (VIDEO)

The inaugural Top to Bottom fat bike race at Thredbo took place recently, and the race sponsored by Diamant Fat Bikes featured some of the best downhillers in Australia. Thredbo ski resort is in the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales and has the longest ski runs in the country. The race down one of the slopes was action-packed and...

Cyclist posts photo of injury sustained from barbed wire strung across trail

A mountain biker in England has posted a photo on Facebook of the injury he sustained when he rode into barbed wire in Guisborough Forest in the North-East of the country. The wire had been placed at head height across a cycling trail in the forest. Trevor Young from Newcastle-upon-Tyne posted the photo of his cut eyelid, and also the...

Incredible last second save stops rider having a serious crash (VERY LOUD)

A very close call for this rider at the Medellin Comuna 13 urban Downhill with the rider just managing to put a foot out at the very last second to stop himself from having a serious crash. He must be part cat! Warning VERY LOUD and potatoe vertical video but still worth a watch.

What not to do when your friend crashes their bike

This video starts off just like any other bike crash video with a rider attempting to do a jump and then crashing into a tree.  It was posted with the title "That's why you should always wear a helmet.." but shortly after seeing the guy on the bike crash, it becomes quite clear that the video should be called...