A spectator at the Tour Cycliste Antenne Réunion caused a crash at the sprint finish today when he dragged the finish line barriers across the road as the riders were sprinting for the win.

The incident took place at the end of the first stage in the commune of Port and two riders – David Rivière and Enzo Bernard – crashed in the final metres of the race when the barriers were pulled out in front of them. A number of other riders had to take evasive action to also avoid coming down.

Axel Journiaux (Vendée U) was first across the line but the results will not stand.

According to a report on DirectVelo, the barriers were moved by the father of one of the riders in the race in relation to an accident earlier in the race. He has been arrested by police.

“This incident is particularly serious because it could have had even more serious consequences for the health of the riders,” explained Michel Benard, the race organiser told DirectVelo. “But we must continue our race.”


  1. I don’t believe he did this intentionally. If you watch the slower replay you can see that he drags a leg along with the fence. I believe it was an accident although a stupid one.


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