In the video the cyclist can be seen approaching a set of traffic lights which changed from amber to red. The cyclist had enough time to stop within the bike box at the junction but was knocked to the ground just as he stopped.

From the rear facing camera we can see just how close the bus was travelling behind him and it looks as though he expected the cyclist to run the red light with and was ready to run the red also.

The bus involved in the incident belong to Go Ahead London and was operating on the 355 route from Brixton via Clapham Park, Balham, Tooting to Mitcham which is a total of seven miles.


  1. Bus drivers have a huge responsibility for the safety of their passengers. Therefore they should be more observant to the road ahead and to what is going on around the vehicle.
    This driver needs to be reminded of that.

  2. Great work by bus driver not to run over dickhead who pulled in the middle of the road lane obviously not worried about big things travelling behind and cannot generally pull up as fast as a bicycle ..


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