A group of Bangladeshi cyclists have broken the Guinness World Record for the ‘longest single line of moving bicycles.’ 1,186 cyclists came together last month to break the record and confirmation that they have beaten the record has just been announced in recent days.

The event was organised by BDCyclists on December 16 who aimed to beat the previous record which was held by the Cyclist Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina who formed a line of 984 cyclists at the Sarajevo Grand Prix. In 2015, the Bosnian group had taken the record from a group of cyclists in the United States who had held the record by lining up 916 cyclists.

The record attempt took place at Purbachal Express Highway in the Bangladeshi capital and the group formed a line which was nine kilometres long.

There are a number of rules which need to be followed:
– All the bikes have to move in a single line.
– There cannot be a gap greater than 1.5 metres between two consecutive bikes.
– You cannot come to a complete stop or put your foot down.

It took four weeks for the record to be ratified and when the news came through, the BDCyclists members celebrated the achievement in a ceremony at Manik Mia Avenue following the official announcement.



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