Balbriggan Cycling Club have been in touch to provide a copy of their response to the recently published press release from Fingal County Council regarding road racing in North County Dublin They have also provided a copy of the race cancellation notice, 2015 Memorial Races Cancellation Notice D S(4)



Response to Fingal Co. Co’s. (FCC) Press Release

Balbriggan Cycling Club (BCC) informed and copied FCC with its Cycling Race Cancellation Notice prior to release. The Club would have expected the same courtesy in return and not receive the Press release from a third party.

BCC does not wish to be in conflict or dispute with FCC or any other Government agency in this or any other regard.

  • BCC has received great assistance from Balbriggan Town Commissioners/Council and the FCC Roads Department personnel in Old Fancourt, Balbriggan, over the years, in preparation for its cycle races.
  • BCC volunteers have always swept the cycle race circuits manually and where impracticable have employed and paid private contractors to do so. In this regard deposits of assorted debris on roads are within the control of FCC but do not appear to be enforced.
  • FCC is correct in that, in common with many other Cycling Clubs, BCC has been running cycle races in rural north Fingal long before and since FCC was established in 1994. However, in recent years BCC is the only Fingal Cycling Club that runs its two one day events, (for a period totalling four hours annually), exclusively in north Fingal.
  • For many years since FCC’s inception BCC filled out a generic events form, leaving many sections blank as not applicable, for the Council.
  • All the safety measures associated with the running of its cycle races were instigated and developed by BCC.
  • Cycle race participants have never considered that their safety was compromised in any way.
  • Local access arrangements were never provided or required as residents and other road users had free access, under appropriate direction to the cycle race circuits used.
  • Cycle race circuits have been adapted over the years and moved away from centres of population to minimise inconvenience to other road users and services. Originally cycle race circuits were based in Balbriggan, ran through the town, around the town or by using combinations of these.
  • The first indication of any changes in conditions for “Road Races on Public Roads” by FCC was received by BCC in January 2013. These were produced without consultation and many were impracticable and incompatible with cycle racing. However, the BCC’s Annual Cycling Memorial Races took place in 2013 under the same safety arrangements as previously.
  • FCC’s requirement for Temporary Road Closures is based on Section 74 of the Roads Act 1993. The Club and others have pointed out to the Council many times over the years that this Section is not operable and this has only been accepted by the Council last week.
  • No supporting documentation has been provided to indicate that the race marshals would have the authoritative powers stated. BCC has never requested that marshals be given such powers. Written
    Guidelines for Marshals were always given. Marshals were always encouraged to engage positively with other road users and to explain the reasons for the minimal delays involved in the cycle race passing any given point on the cycle race circuit(s).
  • Section 74 required BCC to “give at least one month’s notice to the Superintendent of An Garda Síochána within whose district the road race is to be held”. Up until recently BCC has always enjoyed and greatly appreciated the support of An Garda Síochána, Balbriggan in the running of its cycle races.
  • BCC had two meeting with FCC officials. Further meetings were considered a waste of both the officials and the Club’s volunteers’ time as no meaningful discussions took place in the context of reaching an agreement or compromise on the matter.
  • FCC and other Government Agencies appear not to be able to distinguish between the different types of road racing events and in particular those incorporating a cycling race element.


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