Very slickly produced Go-Pro point of view video with Pro rider Nigel Sylvester taking us on a tour of New York on his BMX. At first glance the video looks kind of reckless with near misses with pedestrians but as the video goes on you can tell it is all staged.

The video also features a lot of the riders sponsors products and there are a few celebs that make cameos during this premiere episode.

Who is Nigel Sylvester?

“With a riding style formulated in the streets of New York City and on display around the world, Nigel Sylvester is a rising star in the world of sports and widely recognized as one of the premier athletes in BMX.

Nigel was born in Jamaica, Queens on August 23, 1987 and began his love of riding at age five in his grandmother’s driveway. Nigel credits the neighborhood where he grew up for teaching him a lot about life at an early age in addition to giving him his start on a bike.”

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