A cyclist in Australia has posted a video showing him being repeatedly attacked by a magpie which can be seen swooping numerous times at his helmet.

The video entitled “Magpie haven a crack straya edition!!!” was posted last month by Anthony Newman from Newmano’s Outback Adventures.

He explained that the bird which he dubs the “Chillingham Savage” had nipped at his ears and poked holes in his helmet.

In the video, Mr Newman says that he’s cycling “right into enemy territory” in what he calls the “magpies attack Australia edition”. The magpie then swoops on Newman thirteen times in a short space of time. The incident took place in Chillingham, Murwillumbah in New South Wales.

In the YouTube post, Mr Newman describes what happened:

“G’Day mates Newmano here from Newmano’s Outback Adventures. Adventuring around Straya in spring time is a dangerous situation because it’s Magpie swooping season. Now I have come across a few psycho and aggressive Magpies over my time out riding my bike but I tell ya what mates no Magpie comes close to being as hectic and relentless in attack as the now notorious “Chillingham Savage”. The onslaught of head shots and ear nips was never ending. My helmet now has a few extra ventilation holes lol. So sit back, have a laugh and enjoy as you watch the battle unfold and please don’t forget to get steel reinforced helmets during our spring season in the great land down under. All the best always legends!!!”



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