Aqua Blue Sport are marking Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing specially designed pink helmets, using pink bar tape and also wearing pink socks.

In a statement from the team, they said: “Breast cancer has touched every family and we here at Aqua Blue Sport are no different. We have been racing with a pink ribbon on our Vermarc jerseys as a silent tribute to those who have survived and triumphed over this disease.”

“Current statistics show that one in four deaths per year are caused by cancer. In Ireland alone someone will die every hour from cancer. Despite survival rates for a number of cancer rates moving steadily closer to the magical 100% the fight is still not over. Worldwide there are 1.38 million new cases of breast cancer and 450,000 deaths from the disease annually.

“Aqua Blue Sport want to get involved in that fight. Lisa Delaney a director of the team and wife of Rick Delaney, team owner, is a cancer survivor. We are now going to increase our support as October marks International Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”

Photo: Sylvain Iorio

The team are launching a month long effort to promote awareness, education and self checks around breast cancer. For the month of October they will wear specially designed pink helmets from Catlike as they race to mark their support for those fighting breast cancer. The team will also use pink bar tape from Fizik and wear pink socks from Rapha. Their website,, will also turn pink for the month and donations to the awareness of breast cancer can be made on the site.

Photo: Sylvain Iorio

Team owner Rick Delaney said: “This cause is very close to my family’s heart. Every family has been touched by cancer – we are no different. Lisa has won her battle against breast cancer but other people, from all corners of the world, have not been so lucky. We hope that, through our simple gesture, and with the help of our sponsors, that we can again bring the fight against breast cancer into the public consciousness. If this helps one person get an early diagnosis then that is a success.”


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