A number of posters have been placed on lampposts on the Hill of Howth in North County Dublin in recent days taking aim at cyclists.

The posters were placed on the south side of the climb between Howth Head and Sutton with messages such as ‘We own the road, don’t we,’ which shows two cyclists in front of cars which are driving five-abreast.

Other posters have the message: ‘It’s the hill of Howth, not the Tour de France. Slow down.’ and also ‘I look good in lycra’ which for reasons unknown shows two elephants on bikes wearing leotards ahead of a stream of cars taking up both sides of the road.

It’s unclear as to who placed the posters on the climb which is on a popular training route for Dublin cyclists. The climb is on a 10-kilometre lap around the Howth peninsula north of the city. It’s also unclear as to whether there was a particular incident which prompted the person or people to place these posters.


  1. Very sad that some people feel the need to insight hatred towards a group of people. If this was a racist poster or targeting someone’s sexual preference there would be uproar. The feeling of hatred towards cyclists is getting scary.

  2. A car driver breaks the Law on average 3 times daily while driving their vehicle.It makes me laugh these posters,someone who should direct their talent to better use.

  3. As a cyclist, and car driver I can empathise with the poster showing 2 cyclists riding side by side, oblivious to the stream of cars they are holding up.
    Totally selfish and doing cyclists no good whatsoever.

  4. really tiring of the anti cycling sentiment out there currently. I am a keen cyclist and an everyday driver. there is enough space out there for us all, think about it. cyclist are vulnerable road users and I feel unless uve cycled on roads recently u don’t totally understand what cyclist’s deal with. lets all work together stay safe be courteous towards each other and enjoy the road.

  5. 2 people 2 abreast is totally different from a group
    Yes it might be legal- doesn’t stop it being selfish.
    Let’s not bully people for having an opposing view.

    • There is plenty more room than drivers give!! The amount of times I’ve had to use the middle of the road because of pot holes, wankers who poke their bonnet out into the middle of the road at give ways, wankers who are clearly desperately to get to the next set of lights that they’re stuck at BECAUSE OF FUCKING TRAFFIC WHICH THEY ARE PART OF!

      Unless you ride a bike on the road you are an uneducated WANKER!!

  6. There are traffic lights at both ends of the road on which I live in Sutton. Cyclists regularly break the red light here. There is a problem which officialdom wishes to ignore.

    • There is also a failure to appropriately deal with the owners of cars and vans parking on cycle lanes in Sutton and surrounding areas.


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