As many riders took advantage of the off-season to chill for a few weeks, Australian rider who holds the record holder for completing most consecutive Grand Tours decided to go hiking in Nepal.

“The past twelve days I was in Nepal,” he said on the team’s website. “I did some long hiking tours from four to eight hours a day. I climbed four mountain passes in the Himalaya.”

“First Gokyo, a mountain top at 5357 metres above sea level. Second, I climbed the 5420 metres high Cho La Pass and to finish I went to the Mount Everest Base Camp.”

“The following two days, a hiking tour to Lukla is planned, which is located 2860 metres above sea level in the northeast of Nepal. These tours are a real adventure.”

“You’re one with the surroundings and also for the body it’s a hard job. This trip to the Himalaya will boost my form. The long hiking tours are ideal to sharpen the form; physically it’s pretty demanding.”

“I will start the training camp in December with a better form than in the past years. Even though I haven’t ridden my bike since the last race, I feel that my form comes back. Just before we travel to Majorca, I will start riding my bike.”

“The hiking in the Himalaya is comparable with a Grand Tour; you physically suffer multiple days to get to the finish. During the hiking trips, the finish is on the top of the mountain.”

“During bike races, the last day of a Tour is the ultimate finish. This adventure gives me the required energy to try finishing all the Grand Tours again next year.”



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