A cyclist in Toronto was charged with mischief last week after he threw a driver’s keys down a drain. The action was in retaliation after the cyclist had been hit by the car.

The cyclist left the scene after the incident but was followed by police and stopped. Constable Clint Stibbe told CBC News: “Reaching into a vehicle is risky at best. And you never know what the person inside that car is going to do to you when you do that.”

Stibbe confirmed that the driver had not been charged, but that the investigation is ongoing.

Witnesses said that the cyclist was struck by the car at the intersection of Queen Street and Spadina Avenue, one of the busier crossings in the Canadian city. According to the witnesses, the driver had been traveling westbound through the intersection and made a fast, sudden left turn, a direction that took the vehicle straight into the cyclist’s eastbound path.

“In the end what we’re looking at is a very adversarial relationship between cyclists and drivers,” Stibbe continued. “It is something that is occurring on a daily basis.”



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